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15th Chapter of Gita-- 13th sloka

Hare Krishna,
Lord Krishna said that he is alone present in the jeeva, in the sun and the moon .In this sloka that he is present in the earth and supports life on earth.

15.13 – Gam avishya cha bhutani dharayami aham ojasah
Pushnami osadhih sarvah somo bhutva rasatmakaha

Meaning of words:
Gam – the earth
Avishya – entering
Bhutani – the being in the world
Dharayami – sustains
Aham – me(the consciousness)
Ojasah – through my power
Pushnami – nourish
Osadhih – the herbal plants
Sarvah – all
Somo – soma
Bhutva – by becoming
Rasatmakah – the sap or juice.

Meaning of sloka

Entering the earth ,I sustain the earth and the beings in the world with my power. I nourish the plants on earth and am the juice which nourishes the plants,

Lord Krishna has explained that he is present as amsha or part of jeeva. Its a part ,as its not different from the consciousness. He says he is the power behind the illumination of the moon and the sun. He goes on to say that he is the one who sustains the earth.

He as the consciousness or brahman is alone present in the earth and supporting the earth and through his power .This power which supports or holds the earth is said to be without raga or attachment and without desire or kama and which is like power of ishwara. It is this power which holds this heavy earth from falling , which holds the earth from crumbling down. Thus the earth is made firm through this power.

This conciouness alone exists in both living and non-living beings in the world. All the plants are nourished by the moon, which helps in generation of the sap in the plants, needed for growth of the plants. The brahman present in the moon , nourishes the plants on the earth. The soma is said to be having all the juices to nourish life on earth . Lord Krishna says that he is the soma existing in all the plants. Thus he is sustaining the life on earth. Without the moon ,the plants cannot flourish, nor the soma which nourishes the plants is created. Without plants human beings and animals cannot exist. Hence plants are considered to be one of the pancha agnis or life sources.
Thus lord Krishna explains that he alone sustains the earth and he is the cause of life on earth.

Hare Krishna


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