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15th Chapter of Gita-- 19th sloka

Hare Krishna,

Lord Krishna has explained the three purushas in detail. He talks about the uttama purusha who the supreme person is called purushotamam by people in the world and in the Vedas. He concludes the chapter in the coming slokas.

15.19 – yo maam eva assamoodah jaanati purushotamam
Sah sarva vit bhajanti maam sarva bhavena bharata

Meaning of words:
Yo --- he who
Maam eva –me
Jaanati – knows
Assamoodah – free from delusion
Purushotamam – supreme being
Sah -- he
Sarva vit – all knowing
Bhajati – adores
Maam – me
Sarva bhavena – with his mind fixed on me
Bharata – one who belongs to the bharata dynasty

Meaning of sloka
O son of bharata dynasty, he who is free of delusion knows me as the purushotama or supreme person. Such a person with always fix his mind unto me.

One who knows about the tree of the world, the birth and death life cycle, the power behind the sun and the moon, the reason how the life is sustained on earth, the essence of food, the one who digests the food , the one who is the sole reason of the very existence of the creation, the substratum of everything in the world, he doesn’t get deluded by the world. He who knows that the uttama purusha is supreme among akshara and kshara purushas, would know that they are just illusions in the uttama purusha. He who knows that everything in this world is an illusion and the only reality is the uttama purusha or purushotama or brahman is not deluded ,by the seeming duality of the world. Another meaning of it is that a person who is deluded by the world wouldn’t know the real nature of the world.
Lord Krishna says such a person who is free of delusions ,who always see me in everything , as he doesn’t get deluded by maya , and he sees the brahman behind all names and forms, thereby he always contemplates on brahman, thus he always remain established in self, his mind is always fixed in self. This means that the person is not effected by the world or the activities in the world. Thus he gets liberated, he attains moksha. This is the fruit of self – knowledge, which can be got from this chapter.
Thus Krishna explains the real nature of the lord and the fruit of attaining this knowledge.

Hare Krishna


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